Conference Partner

Charalambides Christis, the largest and most long-standing dairy company in Cyprus, is a leader in the production and distribution of food. The company consistently offers high-quality, nutritionally valuable products that adhere to international standards, showing care throughout the supply chain by collaborating with local producers. Charalambides Christis is internationally recognized for its quality, exporting to more than 32 countries, making it one of the largest export companies in Cyprus. The company’s vision is to provide high-quality products while maintaining the authenticity of flavors through diverse choices of quality nutritional enjoyment, with free and equal access for all Cypriot citizens and consumers. It also strives to contribute significantly to a new model of sustainable development, with respect for people, nature, and future generations. The mission of the company is to contribute to a sustainable and better future for all and to develop and showcase the rich culinary heritage of Cyprus to the world. Committed to its vision, it also focuses on the positive impact of the company on Cypriot society. As part of its corporate social responsibility, it implements the comprehensive CSR program “Symmetochi’,” a program of social solidarity and concrete contribution, with a focus on children and young people, improving their conditions in terms of diet, health, education, and entertainment. With Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance at the core of its strategy, Charalambides Christis has designed a comprehensive ESG program that is being implemented throughout the company’s ecosystem. Aligned with the new model of sustainable development, in conjunction with ” Symmetochi,” their aim is to create added social value by adopting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. As a prominent sponsor of the Cyprus Olympic Committee and the Cyprus National Paralympic Committee, Charalambides Christis is deeply invested in promoting sports and upholding the Olympic and Paralympic ideals. Their support extends to a diverse group of Cypriot athletes, including both Olympians and Paralympians, fostering talent and celebrating athletic achievements.